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Essential Tips for Buying Auto Parts Online

Posted: June 29th 2021

Online shopping is the way of the present and the future; you can buy almost anything that you get in-store online, car parts included. Shopping for car parts online can pose unique challenges for buyers, though. Follow these three essential tips from CTR Automotive & Industrial Supply in Winnipeg to make your experience easier!

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Know What You're Looking For

Know which auto part you need, the make, model, and year of your car, and what type of part you're looking for. Knowing these three things will immediately take some of the intimidation out of car part hunting. The first two might be easy to figure out, the third requires a little bit more knowledge. Knowing the terminology will help you figure out what kind of part you're looking for.

Knowing the Terminology

Before you start filling your cart online, it is imperative that you understand the auto industry terminology when it comes down to car parts. Parts might look the same or very similar, but the categorization of these parts can have a huge impact on their function in your vehicle. There are four main categories: genuine, OEM, used, and aftermarket.


Genuine auto parts are the parts that were initially installed on your car. Genuine auto parts are exactly what came with your car the very first time it was driven off the lot and cannot be replicated exactly. Typically, you won't find new genuine parts online but you can find used genuine parts.


OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. OEM parts are made by the car manufacturer and are designed to exactly fit your car's make, model, and year. If you get into an accident, your insurance may request OEM parts be installed because they come with a warranty from the manufacturer.


Used parts come from a number of places online but usually from a scrapped car. These parts are generally genuine but you run the risk of sacrificing quality.


Aftermarket parts are different from the other three types. Aftermarket parts are not created by the original manufacturer. These parts are typically designed to fit a number of different vehicles. They are also one of the cheaper options, but you need to be careful that you are not sacrificing quality when you buy your aftermarket parts.

Where You Buy From

The retailer you buy from can make a huge difference in your buying, installation, and driving experience. Take time, care, and effort when you are choosing your retailer. When looking for a retailer, look for one that offers security and a good return policy.

Market security

A secure shopping and checkout experience should be non-negotiable. It is a sign that the retailer cares about you as a customer and your own privacy. If the retailer doesn't put in this effort, it might signify what the rest of your experience is like.

Return policy

When buying parts online, especially aftermarket parts, look for a retailer who offers support all the way through the shopping experience. Good support includes after the purchase. With aftermarket parts, there is a chance they could be defective or not fit, good retailers will help you with the return and finding a new part. CTR Automotive & Industrial Supply offers exceptional customer service throughout the entire shopping experience. Our team is more than happy to discuss any post-transaction questions or issues you may have.

At CTR Automotive & Industrial Supply, we know not everyone is an expert, that's why we encourage all our visitors to ask for any assistance they may need. Call the CTR Headquarters at 986 Wall Street or send us an email with any questions you have about our inventory! Our team is always happy to help customers in our Winnipeg store or online!

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