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Our foundation is built on more than just processes and procedures; it's built on our talented staff. With just over 90 employees, CTR is looking to add energetic and driven members to our growing team. We have an exciting atmosphere that fosters a level of customer service that is genuine and sincere. Our career opportunities will give you exposure to interesting work and challenges where you will be able to drive real change and impact within the organization. Please see below for our current opportunities and to apply.

CTR Norther - Solutions Provider

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Employee Testimonials

February 14, 2022
Jenny Wuckert, our fantastic, smart, and incredibly talented; Auto / Industrial's Internal Sales Representative; is here to share a few kind words about her role at CTR. Cheers to Jenny and thanks for being a CTR All-Star!

Question: What is something that surprised you about CTR?
Answer: I was insanely surprised at how nice everyone is. When people found out I was coming here, they said "Oh, CTR is a fantastic place, you are in great hands there." I feel like I am part of a whole new family now, and I am extremely grateful.

Question: What has been your biggest win at CTR?
Answer: Jenny: My biggest win has been being able to be myself either around my coworkers or through creating posts for our social media content. Another huge win is being able to communicate with everyone comfortably and openly. Learning so much about a whole new (to me) field in the auto industry has felt so great as well. I could keep going, but we would be here all day.

Jenny Wukert, hired June 7, 2021

February 9, 2022
During these past 24 months CTR has been fortunate for growth, we've been able to hire some amazing team players that have proven their loyalty and dedication in a very short period. We asked Balkarn a few questions as he is one of these newbies and has demonstrated flexibility and adaptability as he's learned several positions across the Northern and Automotive / Industrial groups...

Question: What is something that surprised you about CTR?
Answer: I have worked at other places where I saw no opportunities of growing and when I started working at CTR I realized how many opportunities there were. You know when you come from different work environment and suddenly realize a change, I feel it, that at CTR there is opportunity of growing and I work hard everyday and here I am !

Question: Can you share a memorable learning lesson or funny experience while working at CTR?
Answer: There are a lot of moments, but I will say the day I wore my Toronto Maple Leaf's hat all the Jets fans were stunned like Doug, Sean, Trish, and Merv! And they still make fun of my team and I love to make fun of them when their Jets lose a game !

Balkarn Singh, Hired March 8, 2021

I feel respected by my supervisor, believe that I am valued. I am NOT micro managed! I feel like we are a Team, and I know that my coworkers can, and have, covered for me well when needed. We can perform our duties knowing our decisions will be supported. If there is a better direction that could have been taken, there isn't criticism, just discussion on how to best proceed next time.

Anonymous Employee of over 20+ years!

I've never worked for a company where you are treated with so much respect and understanding. As a single parent, I have flexibility when needed which is a huge piece of mind. CTR is family owned and (honestly) family focused. CTR values their team and inspires us to be leaders. We are encouraged to grow and be the best version of ourselves. I couldn't ask for a better place of employment.

Trish Seens, Hired July 2012

I love that we have summer BBQ's, fun games like NFL pools and prize draws. I love the communication between the team and I appreciate all the things Will does - like CAKE DAY! I love that we get to have fun while working hard - great place to work!

Krysta Nitychoruk, Hired August 2019

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