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Who We Are

CTR strives to be a forward thinking and a fast-moving operation. Our focus is to best support our team to meet the demands and changing needs of the market segments we serve such as construction, manufacturing, light truck and automotive, heavy duty, shop and industrial supply, tools, and equipment.

CTR is part of four major buying groups, we have over 2, 000,000 skews and over 850 product lines. Our pickup and delivery fleet as grown to include 18 vehicles supplying parts city wide and on average, we perform over 150 deliveries and over 100 pickups 5 days a week.

We encourage employees to reach their full potential through challenging and rewarding opportunities. At CTR, we promote a work-life balance to ensure our team can put their best foot forward in their personal lives and in the office.

CTR has become a cohesive unit where we hold an immense level of respect and dedication towards each other, our customers, and suppliers and the CTR brand. We have always prided ourselves on integrity and commitment to our community.

CTR is 50 years strong and we are excited for the next 50!

Thank you for being a part of our story.

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