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End-of-summer Car Care Tips in Time for Fall Car Care Month

Posted: Sept 17th 2021

Now that summer is abruptly ending, it's time to remember that there's one important month coming up: October. October is well-known for being a month dedicated to the days leading up to Halloween. However, believe it or not, it's also known as Fall Car Care Month. So here are some end-of-summer car care tips that you should consider if you want to ensure that your car is in the best condition that it can be this fall and winter.

Essential Tips for Buying Auto Parts Online

Posted: June 29th 2021

Online shopping is the way of the present and the future; you can buy almost anything that you get in-store online, car parts included. Shopping for car parts online can pose unique challenges for buyers, though. Follow these three essential tips from CTR Automotive & Industrial Supply in Winnipeg to make your experience easier!

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Why Do Parts Cost More at Auto Repair Shops vs Online

Posted: June 1st 2021

If you need auto parts, it's likely that you've compared the prices offered online to those that are offered at auto repair shops. This search will indicate that the prices are higher at auto repair shops, but before you dismiss this option, you need to know why this is the case, and the right information will provide you with a better understanding.

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What Are The Main Parts Of a Vehicle?

Posted: May 10th 2021

A vehicle is made up of many parts, and having an understanding of the main components is a must because you will be able to detect when something is wrong. The right information will allow you to diagnose problems, and you will know if your car needs to be taken to an auto shop for a professional assessment.

While it's not realistic to know every single component of your car, it is possible to have an understanding of the main parts, and the following guide will help in this regard:

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Safety Supplies: Essential Equipment for Every Industrial Workplace

Posted: April 20th 2021

Safety equipment and supplies are a must for every workplace, and this is especially true in an industrial setting. Safety supplies will create a comfortable and productive workplace, and everyone will feel safe while working or visiting the site.

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How to Tell When to Replace Your Tires

Posted: April 2nd 2021

Quality tires are a must because this component will allow your vehicle to function properly and safely. As a driver, you need to inspect your tires regularly so that you know when to replace them, and the following signs will indicate that it's time for a replacement:

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