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How to Tell When to Replace Your Tires

Posted: April 2nd 2021

Quality tires are a must because this component will allow your vehicle to function properly and safely. As a driver, you need to inspect your tires regularly so that you know when to replace them, and the following signs will indicate that it's time for a replacement:

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This is an obvious sign, so if you ever notice any damage, you must replace your tires. Check for damages regularly, and you should also check on this aspect every time you take your tires out of storage before a new season begins, as it will be easier for you to inspect every angle. Cracks, gouges and bulging are all signs of damage, so take your car to a tire shop so that they can confirm whether or not you need a replacement. This will be based on the severity of the damage.


Your tires need to have the right amount of tread in order for them to function effectively. The right amount of tread will allow your tires to handle different types of road surfaces and weather conditions, and your tires will be able to do this safely, so you need to monitor tread wear. Newer tires have tread wear bars, so you will know when the tread is too low.


When it comes to tires, this aspect does matter, so if you can't remember when you last changed your tires, it's probably time for a replacement. It is generally recommended that you replace your tires every six to ten years, but it's best to monitor your tires regularly in case you need to do it sooner.

Tire pressure

Tires do deflate over time, so you need to monitor this aspect throughout the seasons to ensure your tires have the right amount of pressure. Do this every few months, and if you see that your tires are deflating at a faster rate than what is suggested, it's a sign that you need to change your tires.

These four signs will tell you when it's time to change your tires, so make sure you monitor them closely to detect any problems. If you don't replace your tires, you can put yourself and other drivers at risk, so make sure you replace them on time to avoid dangerous consequences. This is something every driver needs to take seriously because old tires will cause you a number of headaches and will affect the functionality and safety of your vehicle.

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