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What Are The Main Parts Of a Vehicle?

Posted: May 10th 2021

A vehicle is made up of many parts, and having an understanding of the main components is a must because you will be able to detect when something is wrong. The right information will allow you to diagnose problems, and you will know if your car needs to be taken to an auto shop for a professional assessment.

While it's not realistic to know every single component of your car, it is possible to have an understanding of the main parts, and the following guide will help in this regard:

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The Engine

This is often referred to as the heart of a vehicle because this is the component that allows the car to move. It does this by providing power to the wheels and uses gasoline and a spark to create a controlled explosion inside of a cylinder, which produces power.


This is the part that connects the engine to the wheels, and the power is more efficiently transferred from the engine as a result. This part contains a set of gears that can be shifted manually by the operator or automatically through a transmission computer. A transmission sends the power of the engine to the wheels effectively, and without it, the vehicle would just spin.


This part allows your vehicle to stop, so it is extremely important. Brakes are specifically designed to slow down the wheels, which will bring the car to a stop. While it's important for a car to move, it's equally as important for it to stop, so brakes are a major component.


This is the part that holds all of the pieces of the vehicle together. It is basically the skeleton of the car, and everything from the engine to the exhaust system are attached to the chassis. This part is designed to withstand damage in the event of an accident.


Without this part, your vehicle cannot move because it's the battery that provides power to that motor that starts the engine. It also provides power to the air conditioning, and other components, and this part is crucial if you want your vehicle to function.

Axle and Differential

The axles send power from the transmission to the two sets of wheels in the vehicle. The two axles convert the energy from the spinning driveshaft to the right and left wheels and provide it with the power to move. A differential is attached to the axles, and this part allows the wheels to spin at different speeds. These two parts allow cars to turn smoothly.

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