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Why Do Parts Cost More at Auto Repair Shops vs Online

Posted: June 1st 2021

If you need auto parts, it's likely that you've compared the prices offered online to those that are offered at auto repair shops. This search will indicate that the prices are higher at auto repair shops, but before you dismiss this option, you need to know why this is the case, and the right information will provide you with a better understanding.

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One of the main reasons why parts cost more at auto repair shops is because they actually carry an inventory, so you will have access to the part and will not have to wait the way you would if you were to order the part online. Auto repair shops have fast access to parts, whereas online stores do not carry an inventory, so while you would be paying a little less, you would be waiting far longer for your part to arrive. Online shops operate differently and get their supply from distributors that will dropship the units for them. This means that a customer would have to place their order online, and this information would be sent to the distributor, who would then ship the product. It's fairly simple, and there are no salespeople, expertise or display costs involved. For this reason, they are able to sell the part for a lower price and still make a profit.

A repair shop would not be able to offer this same price because they have to pay drivers, employees, sales staff, office or building fees and phone bills, just to name a few examples, all while making a profit to remain in business. This means they have to sell the parts for a higher price; otherwise, they would probably not survive. In some cases, the prices offered online are lower than that of the auto shop's cost, so it would be unrealistic for them to sell at that same price.

In addition to fast delivery and no wait times, buying your auto parts from a reliable auto shop has other advantages as well, including quality and warranty. When you buy online, you can never really be sure of the quality you are going to receive, but when you buy the part from an auto repair shop, you will not have to worry about this aspect. You can have peace of mind knowing you're getting the right part that is backed by a professional warranty. You will receive original parts instead of used ones, and you will also get better service because you will be able to speak to an experienced and knowledgeable staff member who will help you select the right part.

The experts at CTR Automotive & Industrial Supply will make sure you get the right part for a fair price. We have been in this industry for a very long time and provide clients with the parts they need, so if you're looking for an auto parts store near me in the Winnipeg area, contact us today!

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