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Mechanics Tool Sets for Roadside Emergencies

Posted: March 4th 2022

Roadside emergencies can happen at any time, and it is a must that you are prepared so that you don't panic if you ever find yourself in this situation. Having a few basic tools on hand can make a world of difference and provide you with peace of mind as they will allow you to get to a safer location where you can wait for help.

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Having a roadside emergency tool kit is extremely important, and the following are the tools that every driver must have:


You cannot hit the road without a flashlight because this item can be very handy in emergency situations. This is especially true if your car breaks down at night, as it will allow you to see things clearly, and you will feel safer when you have light. Make sure the batteries are fresh, and test your flashlight every now and then to ensure it is working.

Tool Kit

You can choose to buy a pre-packaged tool kit or you can make one on your own. You should have a pair of pliers, flat blade screwdrivers in different sizes, an adjustable wrench, a pocket knife and a set of wire cutters. A roll of electrical tape would help as well, so place all of these items in a small sports bag, and you'll always be prepared.

First-aid Kit

This, too, is extremely important as it will contain gauze pads, bandages, gloves, burn care products, antiseptic ointments and disinfectants, so you will be able to treat minor injuries if a person were to become injured.

A Jumpstart for Your Batteries

Your jumpstart should have spark-proof connectors and reverse polarity protection, along with USB charging capabilities so that it can handle the job of jumpstarting your battery. A voltmeter would also help, as this would allow you to understand whether or not your battery is the cause of your car troubles or if there is another issue that requires professional assistance.

Safety Triangles

These are very useful and reusable and will allow you to alert oncoming traffic that you are experiencing a problem, so other drivers will know how to react and will drive safer as a result of this notification. Notifying oncoming traffic of a problem is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your safety. Other drivers and safety triangles will allow you to increase your visibility to other motorists.

Winter Gear

It's always a good idea to have warm blankets, extra gloves, a shovel, bottled water, and an ice scraper in your car to prepare you if you run into an emergency situation during the winter. The cold weather will present you with unique challenges, and the right gear will allow you to remain comfortable and warm while you wait for help.

The right toolset is a must, and CTR Automotive & Industrial Supply will ensure you have everything you need. We will review all of the tools that we feel are necessary, so if you are in Winnipeg, contact us today!

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