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Tools and Equipment

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CTR offers a vast product offering of tools and equipment for the automotive and industrial supply industries, ranging from safety accessories, hand tools, handheld power tools, stationary power tools and specialty tools that can be hard to find. CTR's sourcing experts are here to help so no matter what it is that you have on the go and we hope we are your first call for every project, no matter how big or how small.

Here are some of our most popular product lines:
Lisle Corporation has been manufacturing tools and equipment for over 115 years. Lisle's first claim to fame was producing a horse-powered water well drilling machine in 1903 and today, Lisle's specialty automotive tools, mechanic's creepers, and lubrication and tire products are the preferred line among automotive warehouse distributors and jobbers. The specialty automotive tool line now consists of more than 650 products, here is just a small snapshot of Lisle's offerings:

  • Battery
  • Bearing, Grease & Seal
  • Body
  • Brakes
  • Brushes
  • Disconnect Tools
  • Electrical
  • Engine
  • Exhaust
  • Fan Clutch
  • Fasteners
  • Filters
  • Pullers & Installers
  • Suspension
  • Tune Up

Since 1876, Bernzomatic's quality craftsmanship and progressive mindset have kept them a leader in the industry of hand torches, utility lighters, fuel cylinders and brazing and welding rods. Bernzomatic's products range from cooking projects in the kitchen or out on the campfire to DIY home projects in your shop or in the great outdoors.

Bernzomatic's hand torch selections include:

  • Instant On / Off
  • Trigger-Start
  • Manual Ignition
  • Jumbo Torches
  • Lawn & Garden Torches
  • Large Surface Torches
  • Manual Torch Plumbing Kit or General Applications Kit

For the past 70 years, Milton has been the product of choice when it comes to pneumatic accessories. Milton's inventions have resulted in a portfolio of over 1400 different SKU's that cover a broad range of applications in various industries, such as automotive, fleet maintenance, farm and agriculture, construction, and manufacturing. To this day, Milton continues to be the industry leader in high quality pneumatic accessories, fittings, gauges, hoses and rolls, test equipment and grease guns. Here is a small snapshot of Milton's portfolio:

Bernzomatic's hand torch selections include:

  • Tire inflator gauges - digital and analog
  • High pressure gauges, bleeder screws and retainer valves
  • Blow guns - button style, lever style, turbo pistol grip, and adjustable pocket grip
  • Air hoses - polyurethane hybrid and rubber air hoses
  • Auto retracting hose reel
  • Hose fittings
  • Compressor testers, air brake testing tools, battery testers, LED indicator circuit testers, and leak testers


Protect your pneumatic equipment with filters, regulators, lubricators, or even a complete FRL system. Since air leaving compressors is hot and can contain contaminants, it needs to be filtered, regulated, and lubricated before it can be used. FRLs can extend the life of downstream equipment like valves and cylinders by simply removing contaminants. In addition to the filters, regulators, lubricators, and complete FRL systems available, Milton also offers filter regulator duos, modular extensions, piggyback style, and mini units, all designed to keep your equipment up and running for many years of use.
Dynaline is a trusted supplier to distributor networks across Canada and caters to several market segments including automotive parts (after-market), fleet and industrial distributors, hardware retail networks, and OEM's. Dynaline offers an extensive product range in each of their 10 product categories. Here are the categories and a few leading products in each:

  • Assortments - fuses, o-rings, fittings
  • Cargo Control - winches, tie-straps, bungee cords, mud flaps, nets
  • Chain Accessories - cable cutters, hooks, sleeves, connectors, shackles, pulleys
  • Farm Hardware - quick pins, safety pins, winch pins, hair pins, top links
  • Fasteners and Shop Supplies - hose reels, chain hoists, beam clamps, caster wheels, jack stands
  • General Hardware - straps (rachet, rubber), winches, tie downs, cargo bars
  • Lubrication - grease guns, oilers, filters, pumps, drain pans
  • Paladin Lighting - LED light bars, off-road lights, work-site lights, hand-held lights
  • Tools and Accessories - cutters, blades, tape measures, padlocks, scrapers
  • Trailer and Towing - tow hooks, trailer balls, ball mounts, couplers, wheel chalks

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