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What To Do When Your Car Battery Dies

Posted: March 4th 2022

Dead battery? No need to panic! We have 3 helpful guidelines to get you safely back on track.

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1. Get a Jump Start

If safe, call for a jump start, find a neighbor, or walk to a trusted business for help in jump starting your battery. When you find help, you need to start with connecting your dead battery to the other vehicle's charged battery using battery cables. Next, start the engine on the vehicle with the charged battery. Run it for a few minutes, then follow that with trying the ignition on your own car.

2. Use a Battery Charging Pack

You can charge the battery yourself with the help of a charging pack. This process works in the exact same way as using another vehicle, except the energy for your battery will come from the charging pack. The cost of charging packs usually varies between $100 to $200. Even so, they are worth the investment, especially if you find yourself with a dead battery and help is not easily available.

3. Contact Professional Assistance

If you don't have an accessible charging pack or do not feel comfortable with asking for help, you should contact a professional towing company or CAA for emergency roadside assistance. Most of the time, these helpful services will even provide you with your own new battery.

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